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On October 27, 2007, we held the first-ever, all-day, jQuery mini-conference, immediately following the Ajax Experience Boston.

The location for this camp was at Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA, graciously procured by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Time and Location

October 27, 2007 - 9am until 5pm

Pound Hall, Room #107 (Thanks to the Berkman Center)
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Directions on Google Maps

Getting There

By Public Transportation: The easiest way to get to this venue is to get to Harvard Station (which is on the T Red Line) and to walk up Mass. Ave from there. Use the MBTA site in order to determine the correct directions to take.

By Car: Parking should be available on Everett or Oxford St around the campus. (If you wish, you can purchase a visitor pass in order to be able to park your car on campus.) Directions to the location can be found on Google Maps. Please use the Harvard Maps in order to locate a suitable place to park your car.



Public parking that is accessible to public transportation.


Presentations on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/tag/jquerycamp07

Time Activity
9:00 Arrival, Check-in, and Breakfast (Doughnuts, Bagels, Coffee, Juice)
9:30 Welcome
10:00 The State of the Powerdome - How the jQuery project is doing, what everyone is up to, how progress has gone thus far. A retrospective. - John Resig
10:30 The Future of jQuery - Looking forwards to upcoming features and goals for the project. - John Resig
11:00 jQuery UI - A step to richness - Information about jQuery UI, it's current state and planned modules. - Paul Bakaus
12:00 Lunch (Pizza, Soda)
1:00 UI Datepicker / jQuery Calendar Success Story - What it took to build a solid jQuery plugin. - Marc Grabanski
1:20 jQuery and Ruby Web Frameworks - Techniques for simplifying jQuery use in Rails, Merb, and other similar frameworks. (slides) - Yehuda Katz
2:00 Hey, I Can Do That! - Learning jQuery by teaching jQuery by doing jQuery - Karl Swedberg
2:20 Taconite and Form - Tutorial on using Taconite and Form plugins to add Ajax to your application. - Marc Grabanski
2:40 Server-side JavaScript with jQuery and AOLserver - Developing web applications with JavaScript on the client- and server-side, using AOLserver. (slides) - Dossy Shiobara
3:00 The Onion: How to add features without adding features - A review at the structure of jQuery and its plugin ecosystem (slides) - Jörn Zaefferer
3:20 Visualizations with JavaScript and Canvas - An introduction to using Canvas for procedural drawing - John Resig and Bradley Sepos
3:40 ActiveDOM - Markup, Accessibility and Interface strategies for web applications with jQuery (slides) - Felix Geisendörfer
4:00 Growing jQuery - How to extend jQuery for your needs - Sean Catchpole
4:30 Dinner (Thai Curry, Sushi - from Spice and Rice)
5:30+ Drinks (John Harvard's Brewhouse, Location)


The following people are definitely attending:

  1. John Resig - Creator of jQuery, Mozilla Corporation - [email protected] - Shirt: Medium
  2. Rey Bango - jQuery Head of Evangelism - [email protected] Shirt: XXL
  3. Karl Swedberg - Co-author of Learning jQuery and jQuery Reference Guide - [email protected] Shirt: XL
  4. Jonathan Chaffer - Co-author of Learning jQuery and jQuery Reference Guide - [email protected] - Shirt: XL
  5. Marc Grabanski - Interactive Developer and author of jQuery Calendar (JUI) - [email protected] - L
  6. Paul Bakaus - Lead Developer of jQuery UI - [email protected] - Shirt: Small
  7. Yehuda Katz - Author of jQuery in Action - [email protected] - Shirt: Large
  8. Ryan Sarver - Dir of Product @ Skyhook Wireless, Loki
  9. Danny Gagne - Software Systems Engineer, MITRE Corporation
  10. Andrew Gagne - Software Engineer, Harvard Medical School - Shirt: Large
  11. Paul Irish - UI Designer/Developer - paul dot irish at gmail Shirt: Small
  12. Kyle Bradshaw - UI Guy/ CSS Master / Developer - [email protected]
  13. Rick Hood - Drupal developer - [email protected] Shirt: Large
  14. Ethan Kiczek - Drupal developer and Partner at CivicActions - [email protected] - Shirt: Medium or Large
  15. Howard Katz - Proprietor, Fatdog Software & jQuery user - [email protected] Shirt: Large
  16. Arthur - Drupal developer at CivicActions - Contact
  17. Jeff Robbins - President, Lullabot / Drupal Developer - $FIRST_NAME @ lullabot.com
  18. Jörn Zaefferer - Core contributor - [email protected] - Shirt: Large
  19. Tracy Hurley - Lead Developer, DealLocker.com - [email protected] - Shirt: XL or XXL
  20. Alexander Sicular - Director, Medical Informatics - Columbia University, Neurology - as867 [at] columbia {dot} edu
  21. Eric Ferraiuolo - Web designer/developer, jQuery user - [email protected] - Shirt: Large
  22. Jonathan Sharp - Sr. Project Engineer, Union Pacific Railroad - jdsharp [at] the gmail {dot} com'er - Shirt: L
  23. Lawrence Furnival - academic IT, jQuery user - lrf10 at columbia dot edu
  24. Boris Masis - UI guy, mootools (gasp!) user - [email protected] - Shirt: medium
  25. Jason Toy jobs.rubynow.com - [email protected] : shirt: small
  26. John Li jobs.rubynow.com : shirt: medium
  27. Christopher Roberts - RIA Developer, CondeNet.com - [email protected] - Shirt: M
  28. Danielle Rivers - Interactive Media Developer, - [email protected]
  29. Benjamin Sterling - Sr. Developer at Information Experts, jQuery User - Shirt: XL
  30. Ethan Winn - Web Developer, EchoDitto - Size M
  31. Erica OGrady - jQuery Enthusiast ;)
  32. John Norman - Ruboid - john at 7fff dot com - shirt: XL
  33. Ben Weeks - Web Developer, StopBadware.org Shirt: small
  34. Chris Jeris - Web applications developer, Harvard College Library - cjeris U+0040 fas U+002E harvard U+002E edu - Shirt: XL
  35. Adil Bouzoubaa
  36. Archana Patchirajan - Developer, ajaxrain.com -[email protected]
  37. Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen - UI guy at Hoist & Drupal guy - [email protected] - Shirt: Medium
  38. Scott Trudeau - Web Engineer at pando.com, Drupalista [email protected] - shirt: XL (or, if American Apparel, XXL)
  39. Edward Harman - Java Developer at Virtue Fusion [email protected] - shirt: medium
  40. Tracy Pilcher HelloLinux.org Tracy's Email - Drupal/Open Source Web Developer
  41. Richard D. Worth - jQuery UI Contributor - [email protected] - Shirt: XL
  42. Barry Jaspan Barry's email - core Drupal developer, jQuery user - Shirt: M
  43. Kael Goodman - President, GovCore Solutions - [email protected] - Shirt: Large
  44. Mike Booth - Web developer, curious jQuery user - [email protected] Shirt: XL
  45. PK Shiu - trying django/jquery at geardesk email pk {at} pkshiu.com - Shirt: Large
  46. George Petrov - Founder of DMXzone.com and jQuery fan - Shirt: XL - [email protected]
  47. Frank Beverdam - Content Manager at DMXzone.com - Shirt: L - [email protected]
  48. Mark Ferree - Web Developer - [email protected] - Shirt: L
  49. Kevin Old - Web Developer - [email protected] - Shirt: L
  50. Kevin Bosak - Web Developer - [email protected] - Shirt: L
  51. Jeremy Durham - [email protected] - Shirt: L
  52. Ed Lyons - Web Developer - ejlyons @ ix dot netcom dot com Shirt: XL
  53. Felix Geisendörfer - Blogger (thinkingphp.org), Web Developer, Entrepreneur - [email protected] Shirt: L
  54. Beardsley Ruml - Web Developer - [email protected] - Shirt: XL
  55. Bradley Sepos - Interactive Designer, jQuery user/contrib - [email protected] - Shirt: L
  56. Dossy Shiobara (shirt XL) - AOLserver developer, Panoptic Computer Network - [email protected]
  57. Jason Persampieri - Utility Programmer, Boston College Bioinformatics - Shirt:XXXL - [email protected]
  58. Ilya Bruklich - software developer, Embarc, inc. - brooklych_at_yahoo.com Shirt: L
  59. Tom Dyer - Rails Developer, jQuery User - Shirt:XXL -[email protected]
  60. Chris Klaiber - Dev, VistaPrint.com - cklaiber vistaprint com - Shirt:M
  61. Tobias Parent - jQuery user, web developer - [email protected] - Shirt:XXL
  62. Chris Hoffman - jQuery user - [email protected]Shirt:XL
  63. Avrohom Katz - Front-End Developer, jQuery User [email protected]Shirt:Large
  64. Rob Baker - Web Developer, Oxfam America, rrbaker_at_gmail.com, Shirt:M
  65. Steve Goguen - Web Developer, Allied Building [email protected], Shirt:L
  66. Julia West - Rails developer & jQuery user. gmail:juliamae - Shirt:S
  67. Maureen Lyons also Harvard Stem Cell Institute maureen_lyons at harvard dot edu Shirt:M
  68. Dave Finnegan - finnegandv at gmail.com
  69. Brad Bernstin - bradleyjbernstein at gmail.com
  70. Sean Catchpole - jQuery Themes - [email protected] - Shirt: Medium
  71. Nick Plante - Nth Metal Interactive
  72. David Moore - NPO Drupal, Education Development Center - dmoore AT edc.org
  73. Amha Mogus - Human Rights Watch
  74. David Stricker - Web Developer, david_at_stricker.com, Shirt: L
  75. Monte Brown - JQuery user, web developer, entrepreneur - monte at ranksta dot com
  76. Josh Ain - JQuery user, software engineer ITA software. Attending morning only. josh dot ain at gmail dot com shirt: medium
  77. Catherine Hill - JQuery user, software engineer ITA software. Attending morning only. daurynn at gmail dot com shirt: medium
  78. Scott Jehl - jQuery user, Designer/Dev,WriteMaps, Filament Group, ScottJehl.com - scott AT scottjehl.com - Shirt: Medium
  79. Rick OHalloran - Student of Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology at Northeastern University, rick(d o t)ohalloran(at)gmail.com, Shirt: M
  80. Ian Doyle - Student of Computer Science and Physics at Northeastern University, doyleim at gmail dot com, Shirt: Large

NOTE: The venue that we got was only supposed to hold 50 people, so things will probably be very tight.


If you, or your company, is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact John Resig: [email protected]. We're generally looking for a couple hundred dollars to help defray the cost of food.