The following community and team members will be presenting at this year's conference. Each year we are privileged to have so much community participation in the presentations at the conference. This year is no different!

  • Dave Artz

    Dave Artz leads the front-end development standards team at AOL, and drives best practices in web standards, performance, SEO and accessibility into the products through developer certification, practical best practices, and shared code libraries. He co-authored "Website Optimization" with Andy King and tech edited "Speaking in Styles", a book for designers on CSS.

  • Chris Bannon

    DevConnections Speaker Chris Bannon is familiar with many acronyms: UX, ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, SQL & jQuery. As the Lead Web Developer at ComponentOne, he has mastered techniques such as CSS layout, unobtrusive JavaScript, semantic markup, and graceful degradation. Chris manages ComponentOne’s product lines for ASP.NET and iPhone Web development. He spends most of his time building or using the web and it is his passion. When he isn’t at a computer you can find him spending time with his family, trying to golf, or pretending that he can still play ice hockey.

  • Brian Cavalier

    I'm a server-side Java guy turned UX fanatic, and jQuery has been in my arsenal since I made the jump to the front-end. From collaborative aircraft maintenance systems for the US Navy, to Computer Assisted Surgery systems for Orthopedic surgery, to a global-scale content curation and personalization system, I love building things that users love to use, and I'm always on the lookout for the best tools and techniques to help deliver great engineering and UX.

  • Brian Crescimanno

    Brian Crescimanno is a recent transplant from Atlanta, GA to Cambridge, MA where he's a Principal Software Engineer for Brightcove. He works on the company's video players team and is currently focused on delivering HTML5-based players for mobile devices to Brightcove's customers. Brian encourages you to meet everyone you can at the jQuery conference as he first met people from Brightcove at the 2009 event which led to his role there just a month later.

  • Richard D. Worth

    Richard D. Worth is a user interface consultant at Richly Interactive in Washington, D.C. He specializes in training and consulting services around JavaScript, jQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3, SVG5, and MathML5.

    He is Release Manager of jQuery UI and in addition to helping make it the best JavaScript UI library ever, he helped write the jQuery Cookbook by O’Reilly.

  • Paul Elliott

    Paul works for Hashrocket on projects for clients ranging from small start ups to large enterprises. In addition to his consulting work, he contributes regularly to open source projects and maintains some of his own, most notably Fabrication, an object generation framework for Ruby. He is passionate about outside-in testing, Ruby, jQuery, and motorcycles.

  • Scott González

    Scott González is a web application developer living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been contributing to jQuery since 2007 and is currently the development lead for jQuery UI, jQuery’s official user interface library. Scott also writes tutorials about jQuery and jQuery UI on nemikor.com and is a co-author of the ‘jQuery Cookbook’ from O’Reilly.

  • John "unscriptable" Hann

    I wrote the javascript that powers several enterprise-scale, ultra-rich web apps for demanding companies such as Nissan, Walmart, Whirlpool, IBM, Ubisoft, and 9 of the 10 top pharmaceuticals. I've written three powerful javascript frameworks from scratch, but have also learned to love jQuery, Dojo, and Prototype. I live, eat, and dream javascript -- and have been coding furiously in it since 1996.

  • Mike Hostetler

    Mike Hostetler is an inventor, entrepreneur, programmer and proud father. Having worked with web technologies since the mid 1990's, Mike has had extensive experience developing web applications with PHP and JavaScript. Currently, Mike works as the CEO of appendTo, LLC, the jQuery Company, based in Denver, Colorado. Heavily involved in Open Source, Mike is a member of the jQuery Core team, leads the QCubed PHP5 Framework project, and participates in the Drupal project. When not in front of a computer, Mike enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, snowboarding and spending time with his family.

  • Paul Irish

    Paul Irish is a front-end developer and user experience designer. He is on Google Chrome's Developer Relations team. He is also a member of the jQuery Developer Relations team as well as a host of the yayQuery Podcast about jQuery - a chit-chat with four professional front-end developers about the landscape with techniques and best practices.

    He maintains the HTML5/CSS3 feature detection library Modernizr, the code generator CSS3 Please, and other open-source tools for front-end developers.

    Paul is passionate about finding ways for regular web developers to adopt things like HTML5 and CSS3 in their work today.

  • Scott Jehl

    Scott Jehl is a member of the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile teams, and is spearheading the development of accessible, progressive-enhancement based front-end code for the jQuery Mobile framework. Scott is a designer & developer at Filament Group, where he brings deep expertise creating visually compelling design concepts, intuitive functional system workflows, and broadly accessible and standards-based markup that make an interface sing. Scott led the development of jQuery UI's ThemeRoller and CSS Framework, and is leading development of Filament Group's open-source EnhanceJS framework. Scott is also a public advocate of web standards and best practices, speaking at conferences like Delve NYC,the jQuery Conference and Voices That Matter: Web Design, contributing articles to A List Apart, and co-authoring the books "Designing with Progressive Enhancement" (Peachpit Press) and "The jQuery Cookbook" (O'Reilly).

  • Yehuda Katz

    Yehuda Katz is a member of the jQuery Development team. He is a member of the Rails core team, and led the work to make Rails 3 JavaScript library agnostic. This makes it a one-step process to use jQuery, rather than Prototype, with Rails 3.

    These days, he is working on the next generation of SproutCore, the client-side framework that Apple uses for MobileMe.

  • Matt Kelly

    Matt is the Lead Software Engineer at ZURB. When he's not working on one of ZURB's awesome products (Notable, Verify, Bounce) he's bundling up functionality from those apps into jQuery plugins. He has a deep love for Rails, jQuery, and anything else that add joy to coding web apps. When he's not coding he's building 3D cameras out of iPods or soldering toy guitars from cereal boxes.

  • Elijah Manor

    Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He develops at appendTo as a System Architect providing corporate jQuery support, training, and consulting. He is an ASP.NET MVP and an ASPInsider and specializes in coding ASP.NET MVC and jQuery. He has written several articles for the MSDN Script Junkie website and enjoys blogging about the things he learns. He is also active on Twitter and provides daily up-to-date Tech Tweets.

  • Garann Means

    Garann wrote her first webpage in 1996 and returned to full-time frontend development fairly recently after many years of writing CMSs, video players, and JSF libraries. She works as a Senior UI Engineer at Gerson Lehrman Group in Austin, TX, where she drives her coworkers crazy with her separation of concerns obsession and her refusal to stop using <b> and <i>.

  • Brian Moschel

    Brian works at Jupiter, where he is dedicated to making JavaScript an easy and enjoyable place to develop kick ass apps. At Jupiter, Brian works as a front end consultant for clients and has worked on JavaScriptMVC for the past three years, much have which has come from the client work directly. Brian has been involved in the JS community as the Chicago JS.Chi meetup's organizer and occassionally as a speaker.

    In his spare time, Brian cooks, rollerblades with his dog, plays basketball, and is a die hard NBA fan. You can find him on twitter as @brianmoschel.

  • Rebecca Murphey

    Rebecca Murphey is a JavaScript application developer and consultant, working to help clients write client-side applications that treat JavaScript as a rich and powerful language, not a toy. She's a co-host of the rollicking yayQuery podcast, the organizer of the unexpectedly epic TXJS, and a contributor to the jQuery Cookbook from O'Reilly. She's also active in trying to get more women to participate in the tech community, even if it means she has to get up on stage herself. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her partner, two dogs, and two terrible cats.

  • Tim Neil

    Tim is the Development Manager for BlackBerry tooling and the BlackBerry WebWorks open source project at Research In Motion. Tooling responsibilities include Java, Web and also Theme creation tools. He is always hanging out in the development forums trying to help out where he can and to bring your feedback into the next releases of tooling and the BlackBerry WebWorks platform. You’ll also see Tim presenting topics at various conferences including BlackBerry DevCon and Wireless Enterprise Symposium so be sure to stop by and say hi. Just don’t start talking about cars or Batman or you won’t be able to get rid of him

  • Doug Neiner

    Doug Neiner is a front-end web developer with a love for semantic markup, powerful CSS, and efficient, reusable jQuery/JavaScript. With over 12 years of web development experience, Doug works to combine his love for design with his passion for new technology. During the day, Doug works as the Senior Designer at appendTo().

    In off hours, Doug actively contributes to the open source community and serves as a team member on the Official jQuery Team. Doug also enjoys writing about development, and his articles can be found at Script Junkie, Learning jQuery and Fuel Your Coding (where he serves as editor). Connect and stay in touch with Doug via Twitter.

  • Todd Parker

    Todd Parker is the design lead for both the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, and a partner at Filament Group Inc., a corporate sponsor for both projects. Filament Group is a Boston-based design studio focused on creating highly functional, accessible and intuitive user interfaces for a broad range of devices, from mobile, tablets, kiosks and desktop. Todd is the co-author of the books "Designing with Progressive Enhancement" (Peachpit Press) and "The jQuery Cookbook" (O'Reilly) and speaks on issues of progressive enhancement and mobile design, including presentations at the jQuery Conference and Voices That Matter: Web Design.

  • Chad Pytel

    Chad Pytel is the founder and CEO of thoughtbot, a software development firm located in Boston that specializes in Ruby on Rails and creators of paperclip, shoulda, factory_girl and Hoptoad among other projects. thoughtbot embraces both agile development methodologies and a "getting real" project philosophy. Chad was co-author of Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails (APress) and has presented at various conferences around the world. To follow along with Chad and the rest of the thoughtbot team’s ideas on development, design, technology, and business, visit their blog at http://robots.thoughtbot.com.

  • John Resig

    John is in charge of managing the direction of the jQuery library. This involves taking a critical look at existing (and expected) features and making informed decisions about them. He’s also in charge of managing development resources and time spent on the different aspects of the project.

  • Thomas Reynolds

    Thomas develops responsive, standards-compliant Web sites and digital media experiences with a high level of interactivity. With nearly ten years of experience developing for the Web, Thomas has a strong base of knowledge and is always looking to move forward and work with innovative technologies. Working closely with the designer, Thomas takes the wireframes for a project and translates them into elegantly coded, functional, cross-browser supported sites. Thomas blogs regularly, sharing his knowledge online, and maintains several open-source projects.

  • Boaz Sender

    Boaz is a programmer at a webshop/hack-space in Boston called bocoup. He enjoys hacking on JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 & friends and CouchDB. He has worked on a several jQuery infrastructure projects, written a couple of jQuery plugins and contributed to the Blueprint CSS framework. Boaz cares deeply about making the internet better, and this is the focus of his work at bocoup.

  • Alex Sexton

    Alex Sexton is a Labs Architect at Bazaarvoice in Austin, TX. He is also a co-host on the yayQuery podcast. He is highly skilled at writing short bios. He blogs at http://alexsexton.com/ and tweets from @slexaxton.

  • Jonathan Sharp

    Jonathan Sharp has been passionate about the internet and web development since 1996 and currently lives in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Jonathan became involved with The jQuery Project in early 2006 when he first started using jQuery in developing enterprise applications. Jonathan works on Web & Infrastructure Team. Jonathan is also a co-author of the jQuery Cookbook (O’Reilly 2009) and presents on jQuery at conferences such as The jQuery Conference (2008/9) and StackOverflow Dev Days, Austin. Jonathan also runs the Omaha jQuery Meetup and speaks at other local groups and events. In additional to speaking, Jonathan is the President of appendTo which provides Enterprise jQuery Training, Support and Consulting services.

  • Adam Stanley

    Adam Stanley is an Application Development Consultant at Research In Motion. As a member of the Developer Relations Team, Adam supports the efforts of the public BlackBerry developer community, as well as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), who specialize in producing applications based on web technologies. Adam's development background consists of a degree in Computer Science and work in web development for both the insurance and technical support industries.

    Adam is very excited about RIM’s adoption of the powerful WebKit browser rendering engine as well as the recent announcement to make the BlackBerry WebWorks Application Platform an Open Source project. Both of these initiatives offer web developers better opportunities to leverage the full capabilities of community-driven JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery. Adam looks forward to participating with the community in these initiatives in order to help push the boundaries of what is capable on the mobile web.

  • Karl Swedberg

    Karl is a web developer at Fusionary Media in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the co-author of two books, Learning jQuery 1.3 and jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide. Karl is a member of the jQuery team and maintains the jQuery API site, which is based on his Reference Guide. He also publishes jQuery tutorials on his blog, LearningjQuery.com, and leads classes on jQuery through Idea Foundry in Holland, Michigan.

  • Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor is a hall of fame award-winning bug reporter and works from Brooklyn as a Web Opener for Opera Software. He takes himself very seriously.

  • Ben Vinegar

    Ben Vinegar is a front-end engineer toiling on Disqus' distributed commenting widget, which is currently served on over 300k blogs, online newspapers, and other publications. Before joining Disqus, Ben was a Team Lead and go-to JavaScript developer at FreshBooks.

  • Ralph Whitbeck

    Ralph Whitbeck is a Senior Engineer at BrandLogic Corporation. Ralph is currently a Developer Relations evangelist on the jQuery team for both jQuery and jQuery UI. He also co-hosts the Official jQuery podcast, a weekly show that interviews key members of the jQuery community.

  • Jose de Castro

    Jose de Castro is the Chief Architect for Voxeo Labs. He is tasked with presenting this game-changing communications product announcement in only 15 minutes of floor time! If anyone can accomplish this feat, he can!

  • Menno van Slooten

    As the front-end architect at eBuddy in Amsterdam, Menno is trying hard to help deliver the best chat experience on the web. He is the author of the UITest automated testing framework and determined to develop ideas and techniques that keep front-end development fun, fast and fresh.