jQuery Conference: San Francisco Bay Area


Speakers listed alphabetically by last name.

  • Brandon Aaron Brandon Aaron

    Brandon has been a core contributor to jQuery since August 2006. He is responsible for a number of jQuery plugins, Live Query and bgiframe being a couple of the most notable. Many of his jQuery contributions and plugins stem from successfully launching many sites for clients like TiVo, Patrón, Salvation Army and more. These days you can find him freelancing and consulting to help build a better, faster web.

  • Edward Abrams Edward Abrams

    Edward likes to write software in Python, Perl, C, Javascript and sometimes even Java (Android made me do it) and Objective-C (the iPhone made me do it). He also has an interest in design and so also dabbles in HTML and CSS more than he should be allowed to. In his free time he can be found playing Go and chess.

  • Paul Bakaus Paul Bakaus

    Paul is the CTO of the germany-based startup Dextrose AG, and his corporate work mostly focusses on UX, UI and tricky JavaScript challenges. In the past, he was largely responsible for creating the dimensions plugin (which is now in core) and worked together with Stefan Petre on the rich effects and UI library Interface. He then went on to start jQuery UI and was the driving force behind many of its plugins. Currently, he’s actively experimenting with new UI patterns as labs lead and works on a jQuery powered game engine.

  • James Burke James Burke

    Front end lead for Mozilla Messaging’s Raindrop. RequireJS developer. Dojo Core Lead. Wii and volleyball player.

  • Chris Coyier Chris Coyier

    Chris Coyier is a web craftsman, blogger, author, and occasional speaker. His overall philosophy on working with the web is “instant productivity,” in other words, leaning on the tools you know best to get the job done. Sure, he could learn how to do that AJAX request in raw JavaScript, or he could write it in jQuery and be home in time for dinner. And he likes dinner.

  • Robert Duffy Robert Duffy

    Robert Duffy is a Senior Web Developer at Amazon Services in Seattle where he works closely with Amazon’s third party merchants to develop the next generation of e-commerce tools. He’s passionate about high performance front-end code and accessible user interfaces and has been waging a war to defeat “clunky” since the early days of IE for Mac. As a thought leader he authors best practices, educates on efficient use of front-end code and regularly works with outreach groups to develop ways of making rich interactions work with assistive technology.

  • Ryan Florence Ryan Florence

    Ryan Florence has been a freelance developer for the past few years but recently buckled down as a Senior Technical Consultant at ClockFour based in San Francisco, California. Ryan is a MooTools enthusiast and contributor but loves to work with all front-end web development tools

  • Scott González Scott González

    Scott González is a web application developer living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been contributing to jQuery since 2007 and is currently the development lead for jQuery UI, jQuery’s official user interface library. Scott also writes tutorials about jQuery and jQuery UI on nemikor.com and is a co-author of the ‘jQuery Cookbook’ from O’Reilly.

  • Marc Grabanski Marc Grabanski

    Marc Grabanski creates web-based software with a focus on user experience design and user interface development. Marc was the original author of the jQuery UI Datepicker plugin and has used jQuery since its early beginnings.

  • Mike Hostetler Mike Hostetler

    Mike Hostetler is an inventor, entrepreneur, programmer and proud father. Having worked with web technologies since the mid 1990’s, Mike has had extensive experience developing web applications with PHP and JavaScript. Currently, Mike works as the CEO of appendTo, LLC, the jQuery Company, based in Denver, Colorado. Heavily involved in Open Source, Mike is a member of the jQuery Core team, leads the QCubed PHP5 Framework project, and participates in the Drupal project. When not in front of a computer, Mike enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, snowboarding and spending time with his family.

  • Paul Irish Paul Irish

    Paul Irish is a front-end developer, yayQuery podcast co-host, user experience designer, and emerging interactions consultant at Isobar. He’s created rich experiences for folks like Reebok, Adidas, Boost Mobile, Finish Line, and Monster.com.

    Paul is on jQuery’s Developer Relations Team. He also maintains the HTML5/CSS3 feature detection library Modernizr, the code generator CSS3 Please, and some jQuery plugins and tools.

  • David Kaneda David Kaneda

    David is a designer and developer currently living in Palo Alto. He has had over eight years of experience designing and developing in a variety of fields and has recently released jQTouch, a jQuery plugin for mobile development and the winner of the recent 14 days of jQuery contest.

    During the day, David serves as creative director at Ext, a Javascript framework for creating rich web applications, and also maintains WebKitBits, a tumblog dedicated to WebKit news and web standards.

  • Yehuda Katz Yehuda Katz

    In addition to being the co-author of jQuery In Action, Yehuda Katz is a contributor to Ruby in Practice and co-author of Merb in Action. He is a core contributor to DataMapper and jQuery. Before coming to Engine Yard, he worked for on a construction management tool written in Ruby on Rails and jQuery. Yehuda is a Merb core developer, contributes to Rubinius, and is taking a lead role in the development of Engine Yard’s new Control Panel.

  • Doug Neiner Doug Neiner

    Doug Neiner is CTO at the creative development company Fuel Brand Inc. and president of Pixel Graphic Design Studio, a web development studio he founded in 2005. With a love for graphic design and a passion for new technology, he is an active contributor to the open source community. Doug has worked on various projects including In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin, Downloadify client side file generation, and Starter, a plugin framework generator for jQuery. After hours, he enjoys photography and spending time with his wife and two kids

  • John Nunemaker John Nunemaker

    John Nunemaker is passionate, driven and addicted to new. He is the CTO at Ordered List, where he creates simple, usable websites and web applications. When not hacking on open source projects, such as MongoMapper or HTTParty, he authors a well-known blog, RailsTips.org. He lives in South Bend, Indiana with his wife and two cats. Riding his motorcycle and playing NCAA Football on his PS3 are just a few things that help him achieve a work-life balance.

  • David Park David Park

    David Park graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2007 and is currently a Senior User Interface Designer at salesforce.com, an enterprise cloud-computing company. He uses jQuery frequently to build high-fidelity interactive prototypes, and has written and presented tutorials on how to use it as a prototyping tool for the design team at salesforce. You can see his online portfolio at dapark.com.

  • Andy Peterson Andy Peterson

    Andrew J. Peterson currently works as a consultant at Carbon Five in San Francisco. He has 20 years experience building and managing software systems for consumers, enterprises and non-profits. He brings expertise in the full life-cycle of software development, software methodologies, software architecture, software engineering, and usability. He has diverse experience in the industry. In the consumer space, he led the team in the creation of the top-selling SoundEdit 16. He served numerous roles producing enterprise software, for the leading supplier of software solutions for container terminals, shipping ports and lines, and distribution centers.

    Over the past ten years, he’s built a variety of web applications, including non-profit, social networking, social search, pharmaceuticals and social eCommerce. He has build successful projects in a variety of languages, including Java, Ruby, C++ and Perl.

  • John Resig John Resig

    John is in charge of managing the direction of the jQuery library. This involves taking a critical look at existing (and expected) features and making informed decisions about them. He’s also in charge of managing development resources and time spent on the different aspects of the project.

  • James Senior James Senior

    James Senior works for Microsoft in Seattle evangelizing their web technologies. You’ll often find him writing on his blog about the Microsoft Ajax Library, Live Services and other interesting web technologies.

  • Alex Sexton Alex Sexton

    Alex Sexton hails from Austin, TX and is a Labs Engineer at Bazaarvoice. He also is a co-host of the yayQuery podcast. He is deeply interested in javascript application development as a means to peace on earth. He’s a pretty laid-back guy or whatever too.

  • Menno van Slooten Menno van Slooten

    As the front-end architect at eBuddy, Menno is trying hard to help deliver the best chat experience on the web. He’s been doing JavaScript development since when it was still called DHTML and involved knowing the differences between document.layers and document.all. Lately he’s been working on a fully client-side jQuery-driven framework for automated UI testing.

  • Steve Smith Steve Smith

    Steve architects user interfaces and web designs. But it’s about more than just design, as he brings a passion for simplicity and usability. He is an entrepreneur, founding Ordered List, and co-founding Sidebar Creative, both of which are outlets for his professional work. And as an author, public speaker, and University of Notre Dame professor, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

  • Adam J. Sontag Adam J. Sontag

    Adam J. Sontag is a New York City-based developer dedicated to helping newcomers and veterans alike increase their familiarity and skill with jQuery and jQuery UI. A co-host of the yayQuery podcast and member of the jQuery UI Developer Relations team, he loves informing and entertaining the jQuery community. And yes, you are the first person to notice that he looks like the comedian Carrot Top.

  • Steve Souders Steve Souders

    Steve works at Google on web performance and open source initiatives. His book, High Performance Web Sites, explains his best practices for performance; it reached the top of the Amazon computer and Internet bestseller list. His follow-up book, Even Faster Web Sites, provides performance tips for today's Web 2.0 applications. Steve is the creator of YSlow, the performance analysis extension to Firebug, with over 1.7 million downloads. He also created Cuzillion, SpriteMe, and Browserscope. He serves as co-chair of Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O'Reilly, and is co-founder of the Firebug Working Group. He taught CS193H: High Performance Web Sites at Stanford, and frequently speaks at conferences including OSCON, The Ajax Experience, SXSW, and Web 2.0 Expo.

  • Mike Taylor Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor is a front end developer and hypertext enthusiast living in Brooklyn, NY. Mike’s been viewing the source of the internet since acquiring just over 9000 free hours from AOL and CompuServe floppy disks. As a person who is shaping the future of the web, Mike has garnered a massive following on twitter, with over 200 followers, at least 50 of which are not bots.

  • Rick Waldron Rick Waldron

    Rick Waldron is attempting to walk on the bleeding edge of web application technology. Currently a partner at Boston’s newest up and coming development firm, Bocoup, where they are developing HTML5 and CSS3 applications for the modern web and experimenting with new advanced JavaScript techniques. Rick <3’s jQuery. Find Rick on Twitter @rwaldron or check out what Bocoup is up to now.

  • Ralph Whitbeck Ralph Whitbeck

    Ralph Whitbeck is a Senior Engineer at BrandLogic Corporation. Ralph is currently a Developer Relations evangelist on the jQuery team for both the jQuery and jQuery UI projects. He also co-hosts the Official jQuery podcast, a weekly show that interviews key members of the jQuery community.

  • Richard D. Worth Richard D. Worth

    Richard D. Worth is a user interface consultant at Richly Interactive in Washington, D.C. He helped create jQuery UI, making rich web interfaces as refreshingly simple as jQuery has made Ajax. Richard is the jQuery UI Release Manager and helped write the jQuery Cookbook by O’Reilly.

  • Nicholas C. Zakas Nicholas C. Zakas

    Nicholas is principal front-end engineer for the Yahoo! homepage and is a contributor to the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) library, having written the Cookie Utility, Profiler, and YUI Test. He is also the author of Professional JavaScript for Web Developers and High Performance JavaScript, a co-author on Professional Ajax, and a contributor to Even Faster Web Sites.