Boston - October 1-2, 2011


Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston • Cambridge, MA

The Boston conference will be held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston in Boston, MA.


jQuery Conferences are so exciting because of the speakers that contribute talks during the conference. Below are just ten of the speakers at this year’s conference. Head over to the speakers page to see who else is presenting.

  • Todd Parker

    Todd Parker is the design lead for both the jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, and a partner at Filament Group Inc., a corporate sponsor for both projects. Filament Group is a Boston-based design studio focused on creating highly functional, accessible and intuitive HTML5-based user interfaces for a broad range of devices, from mobile, tablets, kiosks and desktop. Todd is the co-author of the books "Designing with Progressive Enhancement" (Peachpit Press) and "The jQuery Cookbook" (O'Reilly) and speaks on issues of progressive enhancement and mobile design, including presentations at the jQuery Conference and Voices That Matter: Web Design.

  • Richard D. Worth

    Richard D. Worth is a user interface consultant at Richly Interactive in Washington, D.C. He specializes in training and consulting services around JavaScript, jQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3, SVG5, and MathML5.

    He leads the jQuery UI project and in addition to helping make it the best JavaScript UI library ever, he helped write the jQuery Cookbook by O’Reilly.

  • Doug Neiner

    Doug Neiner is a front-end web developer with a love for semantic markup, powerful CSS, and efficient, reusable jQuery/JavaScript. With over 12 years of web development experience, Doug works to combine his love for design with his passion for new technology. During the day, Doug works as the Senior Designer at appendTo().

    In off hours, Doug actively contributes to the open source community and serves as a team member on the Official jQuery Team. Doug also enjoys writing about development, and his articles can be found at Script Junkie, Learning jQuery and Fuel Your Coding. Connect and stay in touch with Doug via Twitter.

  • Sara Chipps

    In 2010 she started an organization called Girl Develop It which teaches low cost web development classes geared towards women. Girl Develop It has had over 400 students in New York City, and now has several chapters around the US.

    She likes speaking to and meeting with diverse groups from the Girl Scouts to straight up code junkies. Her goal is to inspire more females to see that being a developer is fun and glamorous.

  • Ben Alman

    Ben Alman currently works at Bocoup as Director of Training and Pluginization, where he is responsible for the development of beginner and advanced JavaScript, jQuery and HTML5 training curricula. In addition to his training and client work at Bocoup, Ben writes articles and gives presentations advocating JavaScript and jQuery code organization techniques and best practices.

    Ben has created and maintains a number of very popular open source JavaScript projects and jQuery plugins and is a frequent contributor to the open source jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Modernizr projects. As an avid photographer and funk bass player, Ben loves spending time taking photos and jamming in the greater Boston area.

  • Elijah Manor

    Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He develops at appendTo as a Senior Architect providing corporate jQuery support, training, and consulting. He is an ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and specializes in jQuery development. He has written several articles for the MSDN Script Junkie website and enjoys blogging about the things he learns. He is also active on Twitter and provides daily up-to-date Tech Tweets!

  • John Bender

    John Bender is the co-creator of Vagrant, the jQuery Mobile test suite maintainer, a QUnit collaborator, and a recovering polyglot. During the day he works full-time on jQuery Mobile at Adobe and otherwise spends his time hacking on open source.

    John shares his thoughts at and as @johnbender on Twitter.

  • Yehuda Katz

    Yehuda Katz is a member of the SproutCore, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams; during the daytime, he works as a framework architect at Strobe. Yehuda is the co-author of the best-selling jQuery in Action, the upcoming Rails 3 in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice. He spends most of his time hacking on open source—his main projects, along with others, like Rubinius, Thor, Handlebars and Moneta—or traveling the world doing evangelism work. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter as @wycats

  • Adam Sontag

    Adam J. Sontag is a New York City-based developer with Boston’s Bocoup. He’s the Developer Relations lead for jQuery and jQuery UI and co-host of the yayQuery podcast. In other words, he’s dedicated to keeping the jQuery project in sync with the community’s needs and wants.