Pre-Conference Training

In addition to two days of jQuery sessions, we’ll once again be offering a day of jQuery training, on the Friday before the conference. In response to popular demand last year, we'll be offering two training tracks -- Beginner jQuery and Advanced. The training is generously offered by our friends at JupiterIT and Bocoup, and all proceeds go directly to funding the future growth of the jQuery project.

Beginner Training

jQuery. You’ve heard about it. You’ve dabbled. You’ve struggled. Now, you’re ready to understand. At Bocoup’s one-day jQuery Primer, you’ll work with jQuery veterans to build a foundation that will make you a stronger developer and get you prepared for all the great talks that you’ll see over the weekend. You’ll learn about jQuery collections, event delegation, deferreds, and more. You’ll even learn the basics of creating your own jQuery plugin. And at only $299, it’s a great .val() too!

Topics that will be covered include:

  • The jQuery() function
  • Selecting & Traversing
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Making stuff happen with Events
  • AJAX
  • Enhancing with Effects
  • Extending jQuery with Plugins
  • jQuery UI
  • jQuery Mobile


Advanced Training

So you want to build a complex app in jQuery, but don’t know where to start? In this coding-heavy training, we’ll take a complex app and break it up into bite-sized, manageable pieces. For each piece, you’ll go through the hands-on process of building a high-performance piece and testing it. In the process, we’ll review prototypal inheritance and event-oriented architecture. Other topics covered will include:

  • Application Design
    • Thin Server Architecture
    • State management
      • History Enabled Websites
  • Widget Design
    • Event Oriented Architecture
      • Custom Events
      • Pub-Sub
      • Event Delegation
    • 1-2-3 Layers / Separation of Concerns
      • Organizing Ajax and the Domain Model
        • Deffereds
        • Ajax Fixtures
    • Client Side Templates
    • The Perfect jQuery Plugin
      • Prototypal Inheritance
  • File/Folder Organization
    • Dependency Management
    • Builds
  • Testing
    • QUnit, Jasmine, Selenium, FuncUnit, Waitr, etc.
  • High Performance jQuery
  • More Design Reviews!

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