Join us down by the river for
jQuery UK 2013

Brendan Eich

Creator of Javascript & CTO of Mozilla

Remy Sharp

Founder & curator of Full Frontal

Garann Means

JavaScript Developer

Ilya Grigorik

Web performance engineer & developer advocate at Google

Doug Neiner

Designer & developer for appendTo

Joe Petterson

Interaction Designer & UI Engineer at Digital Science

Adam J Sontag

Director of Developer Relations & Marketing at jQuery Foundation

John Bender

jQuery Mobile team member, co-creator of Vagrant

Richard D Worth

jQuery Foundation Executive Director

Jason Scott

jQuery Mobile team member, works for BlackBerry

jQuery UK 2012

jQuery UK 2012 was the first European jQuery conference and as such, the 320 available tickets sold out within three weeks.

We're glad to report that the conference proved to be a huge hit with overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates and speakers alike. "I can safely say it was a massive success," said 2012 speaker Christian Heilmann from Mozilla. "The success of a conference very much depends on the passion of the organisers and the group behind this one has passion to spare."

This inspired us to do it all over again, and for our second outing we want to be even more ambitious. Go big or go home. Needless to say John has lined up another cracking speaker line-up for 2013. But it's also an opportunity for us to give something back to the community and show how committed we are about what we do. See you down the front.

jQuery UK 2012