Raise your jQuery game

Thursday 18 April, 08:30 to 17:00
at the Saïd Business School, OX1 1HP

Last year you said you wanted even more hands-on. This year we're giving it to you with three cracking in-depth workshops, each delivered by one of appendTo's jQuery experts.

All you'll need to do is bring your laptop and turn up the day before the conference.

1.JavaScript and jQuery foundations

Buy tickets £160 + VAT

2.Advanced jQuery techniques

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Workshop venue

Note the training location is different from the conference.

Registration starts at 08:30, with some welcoming coffee and pastries. Refreshments and lunch are provided


Saïd Business School
Park End Street

(The conference on 19 April take place in the King's centre, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES)

1. JavaScript and jQuery foundations

A solid introduction to the core concepts of jQuery-focused front-end development that shows you how to use it to interact with and manipulate sites. By the end of the day you'll feel more confident about using jQuery and be ready to start developing for the front-end.

During the workshop we'll cover both the basics and some intermediates of the JavaScript programming language, as well as the jQuery JavaScript library.

Topics covered

  • JavaScript 101: Variables, Primitives, Operations, Logic
  • JavaScript 102: Objects, Arrays, Functions, Loops
  • jQuery Intro and Selections
  • jQuery Methods and Chaining
  • jQuery each, Deeper into Functions
  • jQuery and DOM Manipulation

£160 plus VAT

Eli Perelman

Eli Perelman

Director of Training at appendTo

I'm Director of Training at appendTo and a front-end developer with a big respect for user experiences, utilising JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js and other awesome technologies. I've 8 years of experience, and a passion for JavaScript that's matched only by my passion for helping others advance their talents and careers through technological learning.

2. Advanced jQuery Techniques

It's time to realise the full potential of jQuery. Join us as we delve into advanced topics surrounding front-end web development and learn how to adopt an application architecture that is maintainable and scalable, while still keeping things simple.

We'll teach you how to utilise the jQuery library in the context of large-scale applications and show you how to dramatically improve performance, write cleaner and more concise code and increase maintainability and reusability. By the end of the day you should feel confident creating and maintaining advanced front-end-focused web applications.

Topics covered

  • Event Delegation
  • Traversal, Filters, and Advanced Selectors
  • Simplifying Code with Conventions
  • Just-in-time Initialisation Patterns
  • jQuery Plugins
  • jQuery UI Widget Factory

£270 plus VAT

Doug Neiner

Doug Neiner

Designer & developer for appendTo

I'm a front-end web developer with a love for semantic markup, powerful CSS, and efficient, reusable JavaScript. Sharing what I've learned and helping JavaScript developers perfect their craft makes me happy.

3. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a great solution to mobile web development. Join us and learn how to use its library and progressive enhancement approach to create rich and interactive mobile user experiences with wide device support.

We'll give you the most comprehensive jQuery Mobile knowledge one can gain in a single day of training. By the end you'll feel more confident about using it to create mobile web experiences and even utilising advanced functionality to transform a mobile site into a mobile application.

Topics covered

  • Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
  • Pages and Navigation
  • The User Interface: Lists, Forms, and Themes
  • jQuery and jQuery Mobile: Events and Ajax
  • Advanced Usage and Mobile Applications

£270 plus VAT

Ralph Whitbeck

Ralph Whitbeck

Director of Professional Services at appendTo

I'm a front-end web developer who specialises in jQuery. Three years ago I co-authored O'Reilly's jQuery Cookbook and am currently working the jQuery Mobile Cookbook. I'm a jQuery Foundation board member, a member of the jQuery Mobile team. When I'm not doing anything jQuery related I co-host the Official jQuery Podcast and work as Director of Professional Services at appendTo.

About appendTo

Founded by former team members of the jQuery project, appendTo was formed to provide design and technology solutions through products, services and training. Contact us on our website for more information about our training classes and consulting services.